Adding data sources to a space

Add data sources to a deployment space to use with batch deployment jobs. Data can be:

  • A data file such as a .csv file
  • A connection to data that resides in a repository such as a database.
  • Connected data that resides in a storage bucket, such as a data file that in a Cloud Object Storage bucket.


  • Depending on your configuration and the type of data connection, large data sets, typically more than 2GB, can time-out when you promote them to a space or catalog.
  • Although you can promote any kind of data connection to a space, where you can use the connection is governed by factors such as model and deployment type. For example, you can access any of the connected data via a script, but in batch deployments you are limited to particular types of data, as listed in Batch deployment details by framework.

Data added to a space is managed in a similar way to data added to a Watson Studio project. For example:

  • Adding data to a space creates a new copy of the asset and its attachments within the space, maintaining a reference back to the project asset. If an asset such as a data connection requires access credentials, they persist and are the same whether you are acessing the data from a project or from a space.
  • Details about the data connection that you can edit from the project you can also edit from the space.
  • Data assets are stored in a space in the same way they are stored in a project, using the same file structure for the space as what is used for the project.

You can add data to a space in one of these ways:

  • Promote a data source, such as a file or connection, from an associated project.
  • Add a data file, connection, or connected data directly to a space
  • Save a data asset to a space programmatically

Promoting data sources from a project

To promote data from a project:

  1. Save a data source, data connection, or connected data to a project.
  2. From the project Assets page, choose Promote from the action item for the data asset to promote it to a deployment space.

The data asset displays as an asset in the space and is available for use as an input data source in a batch deployment job.

Adding data to a space

To add data directly to a space:

  1. From the Assets page of the deployment space, click Add to space.
  2. Choose the type of data asset to add:
    • Data to specify a file to upload.
    • Connection to specify a connection to a data repository such as DB2
    • Connected data to connect to data in a storage object such as a Cloud Object Storage bucket.
  3. Complete the steps to add the data.

The data asset displays as an asset in the space and is available for use as an input data source in a batch deployment job.