Changing the Spark service used by a notebook

In IBM Watson Studio, you can run Spark code in your notebooks in a Spark environment, or use IBM Apache Spark or IBM Analytics Engine. Both Spark services are offered by IBM Cloud. More than one Spark service can be associated with a project.

When you create a notebook, you specify the Spark service you want the notebook to run on. However, if the workload is too high on one service or performance is slow, you can change the Spark service associated with your notebook.

Perform the following steps to switch to another Spark service:

  1. Ensure that more than one Spark service is associated with your project. You can check this on your project’s Settings page.
  2. Stop the kernel on the notebook for which you want to change the service. On the project’s Assets page, select your notebook and click Actions > Stop Kernel.
  3. On your notebook, click Actions > Change Service and select the new service you want to associate your notebook with.