Changing the environment

You must have Admin or Editor permissions on the project to change the runtime environment of a notebook.

You can switch from using a CPU environment without Spark to a Spark environment as you can from using a Spark service runtime, like IBM Analytics Engine provisioned through IBM Cloud, to using a Spark environment provided through IBM Watson Studio.

You can change the environment of a notebook:

  • From the notebook opened in edit mode:

    1. Click the Notebook Info icon (Notebook Info icon) from the notebook toolbar and then click Environment. A short description of the environment is displayed.
    2. Select another runtime with the compute power and memory capacity from the list under Environments.
      The active runtime is stopped and the runtime you selected is instantiated. If you want to save any data from your session before switching to another runtime, you must save your notebook changes and store your files in IBM Cloud Object Storage.
  • From the Assets page of your project:

    1. Select the notebook in the Notebooks section, click Actions > Change Environment and select another environment. This new runtime environment will be instantiated the next time the notebook is opened for editing.