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Explaining output risk for AI

Explaining output risk for AI

Risks associated with output


Explanations for model output decisions might be difficult, imprecise, or not possible to obtain.

Why is explaining output a concern for foundation models?

Foundation models are based on complex deep learning architectures, making explanations for their outputs difficult. Without clear explanations for model output, it is difficult for users, model validators, and auditors to understand and trust the model. Lack of transparency might carry legal consequences in highly regulated domains. Wrong explanations might lead to over-trust.

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Unexplainable accuracy in race prediction

According to the source article, researchers analyzing multiple machine learning models using patient medical images were able to confirm the models’ ability to predict race with high accuracy from images. They were stumped as to what exactly is enabling the systems to consistently guess correctly. The researchers found that even factors like disease and physical build were not strong predictors of race—in other words, the algorithmic systems don’t seem to be using any particular aspect of the images to make their determinations.

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