Adding and managing IBM Cloud services

You can provision IBM Cloud services instances to use with Watson Studio. You can provision these service instances in any region.

You can filter which service instances you see by resource group, organization, and region.

You can add and manage these types of services:

  • Watson services, such as IBM Watson Machine Learning or IBM Watson Visual Recognition
  • Data services, such as IBM Cloud Object Storage or Db2 on Cloud
  • Compute services, such as Cognos Dashboard Embedded

To add a service:

  1. Log in to Watson Studio or Watson Knowledge Catalog.
  2. Choose Services and then choose Watson Services, Data Services, or Compute Services.
  3. Click Add service.
  4. Click one of the IBM Cloud services.
  5. Choose a plan.
  6. Specify a region and resource group or organization.
  7. Click Confirm.

After you add a service, you can manage the service on the appropriate Services page by clicking ACTIONS > Manage in IBM Cloud next to the service name.

Next step

Associate a service with a project