userinputnode properties

User Input node iconThe User Input node provides an easy way to create synthetic data—either from scratch or by altering existing data. This is useful, for example, when you want to create a test dataset for modeling.


node = stream.create("userinput", "My node")
node.setPropertyValue("names", ["test1", "test2"])
node.setKeyedPropertyValue("data", "test1", "2, 4, 8")
node.setKeyedPropertyValue("custom_storage", "test1", "Integer")
node.setPropertyValue("data_mode", "Ordered")
Table 1. userinputnode properties
userinputnode properties Data type Property description
names   Structured slot that sets or returns a list of field names generated by the node.
custom_storage Unknown String Integer Real Time Date Timestamp Keyed slot that sets or returns the storage for a field.
data_mode Combined Ordered If Combined is specified, records are generated for each combination of set values and min/max values. The number of records generated is equal to the product of the number of values in each field. If Ordered is specified, one value is taken from each column for each record in order to generate a row of data. The number of records generated is equal to the largest number values associated with a field. Any fields with fewer data values will be padded with null values.