simfitnode properties

Sim Fit node iconThe Simulation Fitting (Sim Fit) node examines the statistical distribution of the data in each field and generates (or updates) a Simulation Generate node, with the best fitting distribution assigned to each field. The Simulation Generate node can then be used to generate simulated data.

Table 1. simfitnode properties
simfitnode properties Data type Property description
custom_gen_node_name boolean You can generate the name of the generated (or updated) Simulation Generate node automatically by selecting Auto.
gen_node_name string Specify a custom name for the generated (or updated) node.
used_cases_type string Specifies the number of cases to use when fitting distributions to the fields in the data set. Use AllCases or FirstNCases.
used_cases integer The number of cases
good_fit_type string

For continuous fields, specify either the AnderDarling test or the KolmogSmirn test of goodness of fit to rank distributions when fitting distributions to the fields.

bins integer For continuous fields, the Empirical distribution is the cumulative distribution function of the historical data.
frequency_weight_field field Specify the weight field if your data set contains one. The weight field is then excluded from the distribution fitting process.