restructurenode properties

Restructure node iconThe Restructure node converts a nominal or flag field into a group of fields that can be populated with the values of yet another field. For example, given a field named payment type, with values of credit, cash, and debit, three new fields would be created (credit, cash, debit), each of which might contain the value of the actual payment made.


node = stream.create("restructure", "My node")
node.setKeyedPropertyValue("fields_from", "Drug", ["drugA", "drugX"])
node.setPropertyValue("include_field_name", True)
node.setPropertyValue("value_mode", "OtherFields")
node.setPropertyValue("value_fields", ["Age", "BP"])
Table 1. restructurenode properties
restructurenode properties Data type Property description
fields_from [category category category] all  
include_field_name flag Indicates whether to use the field name in the restructured field name.
value_mode OtherFields Flags Indicates the mode for specifying the values for the restructured fields. With OtherFields, you must specify which fields to use (see below). With Flags, the values are numeric flags.
value_fields list Required if value_mode is OtherFields. Specifies which fields to use as value fields.