The scripting language

With the scripting facility for SPSS Modeler, you can create scripts that operate on the SPSS Modeler user interface, manipulate output objects, and run command syntax. You can also run scripts directly from within SPSS Modeler.

Scripts in SPSS Modeler are written in the Python scripting language. The Java-based implementation of Python that's used by SPSS Modeler is called Jython. The scripting language consists of the following features:

  • A format for referencing nodes, flows, projects, output, and other SPSS Modeler objects
  • A set of scripting statements or commands you can use to manipulate these objects
  • A scripting expression language for setting the values of variables, parameters, and other objects
  • Support for comments, continuations, and blocks of literal text

The following sections of this documentation describe the Python scripting language, the Jython implementation of Python, and the basic syntax for getting started with scripting in SPSS Modeler. Information about specific properties and commands is provided in the sections that follow.