carmanode properties

C5.0 node iconThe CARMA model extracts a set of rules from the data without requiring you to specify input or target fields. In contrast to Apriori, the CARMA node offers build settings for rule support (support for both antecedent and consequent) rather than just antecedent support. This means that the rules generated can be used for a wider variety of applications—for example, to find a list of products or services (antecedents) whose consequent is the item that you want to promote this holiday season.


node = stream.create("carma", "My node")
# "Fields" tab
node.setPropertyValue("custom_fields", True)
node.setPropertyValue("use_transactional_data", True)
node.setPropertyValue("inputs", ["BP", "Cholesterol", "Drug"])
node.setPropertyValue("partition", "Test")
# "Model" tab
node.setPropertyValue("use_model_name", False)
node.setPropertyValue("model_name", "age_bp_drug")
node.setPropertyValue("use_partitioned_data", False)
node.setPropertyValue("min_supp", 10.0)
node.setPropertyValue("min_conf", 30.0)
node.setPropertyValue("max_size", 5)
# Expert Options
node.setPropertyValue("mode", "Expert")
node.setPropertyValue("use_pruning", True)
node.setPropertyValue("pruning_value", 300)
node.setPropertyValue("vary_support", True)
node.setPropertyValue("estimated_transactions", 30)
node.setPropertyValue("rules_without_antecedents", True)
Table 1. carmanode properties
carmanode Properties Values Property description
inputs [field1 ... fieldn] CARMA models use a list of input fields, but no target. Weight and frequency fields are not used. See Common modeling node properties for more information.
id_field field Field used as the ID field for model building.
contiguous flag Used to specify whether IDs in the ID field are contiguous.
use_transactional_data flag  
content_field field  
min_supp number(percent) Relates to rule support rather than antecedent support. The default is 20%.
min_conf number(percent) The default is 20%.
max_size number The default is 10.
mode Simple Expert The default is Simple.
exclude_multiple flag Excludes rules with multiple consequents. The default is False.
use_pruning flag The default is False.
pruning_value number The default is 500.
vary_support flag  
estimated_transactions integer  
rules_without_antecedents flag