applyanomalydetectionnode properties

You can use Anomaly Detection modeling nodes to generate an Anomaly Detection model nugget. The scripting name of this model nugget is applyanomalydetectionnode. For more information on scripting the modeling node itself, see anomalydetectionnode properties.

Table 1. applyanomalydetectionnode properties
applyanomalydetectionnode Properties Values Property description
anomaly_score_method FlagAndScore FlagOnly ScoreOnly Determines which outputs are created for scoring.
num_fields integer Fields to report.
discard_records flag Indicates whether records are discarded from the output or not.
discard_anomalous_records flag Indicator of whether to discard the anomalous or non-anomalous records. The default is off, meaning that non-anomalous records are discarded. Otherwise, if on, anomalous records will be discarded. This property is enabled only if the discard_records property is enabled.
enable_sql_generation udf native When using data from a database, SQL code can be pushed back to the database for execution, providing superior performance for many operations.