Reclassify node

The Reclassify node enables the transformation from one set of categorical values to another. Reclassification is useful for collapsing categories or regrouping data for analysis.

For example, you could reclassify the values for Product into three groups, such as Kitchenware, Bath and Linens, and Appliances. Often, this operation is performed directly from a Distribution node by grouping values and generating a Reclassify node.

Reclassification can be performed for one or more symbolic fields. You can also choose to substitute the new values for the existing field or generate a new field.

When to use a Reclassify node

Before using a Reclassify node, consider whether another Field Operations node is more appropriate for the task at hand:

  • To transform numeric ranges into sets using an automatic method, such as ranks or percentiles, you should use a Binning node. See Binning node for more information.
  • To classify numeric ranges into sets manually, you should use a Derive node. For example, if you want to collapse salary values into specific salary range categories, you should use a Derive node to define each category manually. See Derive node for more information.
  • To create one or more flag fields based on the values of a categorical field, such as Mortgage_type, you should use a Set to Flag node.
  • To convert a categorical field to numeric storage, you can use a Derive node. For example, you could convert No and Yes values to 0 and 1, respectively.