Add data to Data Refinery

After you've created a project and connections and you've added data assets to the project, you can add data to Data Refinery and start prepping that data for analysis.

You can add data to Data Refinery in one of several ways:

  • Select Refine from the menu of a data asset in the project
  • Preview a data asset in the project and then choose to refine it
  • Navigate to Data Refinery first and then add data to it

Access Data Refinery from within a project. Click Add to project, and then choose Data Refinery flow.

If you already have a Data Refinery flow, you can go to the project's Assets tab and click New Data Refinery flow in the Data Refinery flows section.

Add data

To add data after navigating to Data Refinery:

  1. Select the data that you want to work with.

    Data selection is slightly different, depending on the type of data you're selecting. For example, you might:

    • Select a data asset (file)

    • Select a connection and file, or select a connection, folder, and file

    • Select a connection, schema, and table or view

    Data Refinery currently supports Avro, CSV, JSON, Parquet, and text files.

    Tip: You can preview a file, table, or view by clicking the eye icon next to the item.

  1. Click Add to load the data into Data Refinery.

Tip: If your data doesn't display in tabular form, specify the format of your data source by clicking the Specify data format icon at the bottom of Data Refinery.

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