Migrate an Object Storage (Swift) project to an IBM Watson project

IBM Cloud is deprecating Object Storage (Swift). You must delete your projects that are associated with Object Storage (Swift) or migrate them to IBM Watson projects that are associated with IBM Cloud Object Storage. A IBM Watson project supports many more features and services, including Watson Knowledge Catalog.

You can tell if your project is associated Object Storage (Swift) on the My Projects page by looking at the STORAGE TYPE column.

To migrate your assets to a new project:

  1. Open the project associated with Object Storage (Swift).
  2. Go to the Access Control page and make a list of the collaborators.
  3. Go to the Settings page and make a list of the associated services.
  4. Go to the Assets page and delete all the assets that you don’t want to keep.
  5. Download the assets you want to keep:
    1. For data assets from files, click the ACTIONS menu next to the asset name and choose Download.
    2. For notebooks, click the notebook name to open it and then click the download button.
  6. Create a new project.
  7. Add the assets, collaborators, and associated services to the new project.
  8. In the new project, run all your notebooks and update them if necessary.
  9. Delete the Object Storage (Swift) project. On the My Projects page, click the ACTIONS menu next to the project name and choose Delete.

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