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Which Business Scopes are available for separate import

Knowledge Accelerators Business Scopes available for separate import

The Knowledge Accelerators include Business Scopes that are available for separate import and represent subsets of the full Knowledge Accelerator content.

Whereas a full industry-wide Knowledge Accelerator might contain 10,000 - 20,000 business terms, each of these Business Scopes is deliberately designed to consist of typically 200 - 500 business terms.

The cut-down size means that these Business Scopes:
  • Address common business issues for each industry.
  • Are smaller and more manageable in size.
  • Include terms, categories, reference data sets, data classes, policies and rules.
  • Are integrated with the appropriate IBM Knowledge Catalog data classes.
  • Can act as a starting point to eventually use the full Knowledge Accelerators vocabularies.

The full set of current Business Scopes available for separate import is shown in the following image and each is explained in more detail following topics:

Overview of Business Scopes available for separate import

The set of business scopes for each industry can be integrated, meaning that they share certain key core business terms for that industry. So when more than one scope for an industry is installed, they are linked by relationships to these core business terms.

While it is possible to import business scopes from different industries into the same IBM Knowledge Catalog instance, no terms are shared across different industries.

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