Import business terms for the business glossary

To import business terms you must be assigned the Admin role for the Watson Knowledge Catalog app. For a start, you can download and view a sample CSV file provided for import on the Import new terms page.

To import new business glossary terms:

  1. Open Catalog > Business Glossary.
  2. Click Import or Add terms > Import.
  3. Use drag and drop to import a file or click browse to select the required files.
    If you click Cancel while file import is in progress, the import action stops and the terms that have already been imported successfully are listed for you to decide how to proceed.
  4. Check the Review import summary to see if the import was successful. You can also download the report for further analysis.

You can import existing business models as glossary assets using one of the following file formats:

For more information on file formats refer to Import and export file formats.

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