Administer data policies

You must have special permissions to administer data policies and view information. For details refer to Roles in IBM Watson.

Data in enterprises is often inconsistent and stored in many places. It is hard to keep track of the different types of data sources and author or usage permissions. Teams want to find, use, and share information in a well-defined and secure environment.

This requires a profound concept of ingesting, processing, and controlling data efficiently.

As an administrator, you can use the powerful data-policy tools not only to control and protect access to data but also to view dashboards that provide deep insights into data usage and show the impact of your data-sharing concept. You can develop policy rules and a business glossary that perfectly fit to your organization to determine access rights and to make it easy to find data.

Catalogs can store and unify metadata across multiple sources that enable project teams to quickly find and use trustful data.

Automatic policy enforcement enables data professionals to focus on delivering valuable insights rather than managing and organizing data.

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