Create rules for data policies

You can create a rule when defining or editing a policy, or by selecting Catalog > Policy Manager, then:

  1. Click Add > Rule to create a rule.
  2. Enter the required information:
    • The preselected policy type Access indicates that the purpose of this rule is to control the users' access to data.
    • The business definition is a simple description of what this rule does in plain language that is easy to understand. Include standard words and terms to make it easy to search for this rule.
    • You can assign a business term to a rule and add this rule to various policies.
      To get an overview of which assets, policies, and rules are associated with a specific business term, open the Business Glossary, select the business term, and click Related content.
  3. Define the conditions in the rule builder.

Note: You can't delete existing rules.

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