View or edit a policy

You can edit policy details and remove or assign rules using the Policy Manager. To edit policies, you must be assigned the Admin role for the Watson Knowledge Catalog app.

To view policies:

  1. Open Catalog > Policy Manager.
  2. Click an existing category name.
  3. Click an existing policy to view or edit policy details.

You can select to:

  • Edit a published policy. Hover over the policy details to modify information or click Edit to remove rules from or add rules to this policy. Any updates to this policy are applied immediately after Save.
  • Edit a draft policy and then save it as a draft for later updates or publish it.
  • Edit the policy to choose a new category.
  • Add a new rule from a list of existing rules or to create a new rule.
  • Click a rule to view rule details in the Rules table.
  • Archive a policy. If a policy is archived, you can view or delete this policy, but you can't republish it.

For published policies the following information is displayed when you view a policy:

  • Automatic enforcement indicates the total number of times in the last month that user actions enforced policies.
  • Distribution shows the actions resulting from the policy enforcement in percent. It shows the percentage of data anonymization and access to assets denied or granted.
  • Policy enforcements over time shows a graph which illustrates the number of policy enforcements compared to the number of operational policies. You can change the scale of the graph to show days or months.
  • Rules list the rules that you assigned to this policy.

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