View-related actions are not available for objects controlled by group access in Watson Query

The New view and Join options do not appear for certain objects on the Virtualized data page.


Some objects that are listed on the Virtualized data page do not display the option New view in the overflow menu. When you select the objects, you don't see the Join option in the action menu.


The options are hidden so that you can't create views on the object. This scenario occurs when the user has access to the object because of group-based authorization. Any views that are created by the user are marked invalid when they are created and cannot be used.

This limitation is a result of a Db2® limitation for groups. For more information, see Restrictions on the use of group privileges when executing DDL statements or binding packages.

Resolving the problem

Although you cannot create a view in the user interface in this scenario, you can create a view by running SQL statements in the Run SQL interface.

To render the view usable, you must contact your administrator to resolve access control issues based on user groups. For more information, see Error SQL0727N when you query view results in Watson Query.

You can also grant public access on your objects for all roles or all data virtualization users and then restrict access by using data protection rules that are defined on groups. For more information, see Governing virtual data with data protection rules in Watson Query.