Configuring the One-source Match stage

After you create a job that contains this stage, select from available match specifications and other settings that match records in one data source.

  1. Open the DataStage® flow that contains the One-source Match stage that you want to configure.
  2. Double-click the One-source Match stage.
  3. In the Match Specification field, click Browse and select a one-source match specification.
  4. Optional: To override any of the match cutoff values from the match specification that you selected, select Override match cutoffs, click Edit, then enter new values or job parameters in the Match or Clerical columns.
  5. Optional: To enter specific values for the override match cutoffs, click the pencil icon next to a value and enter the new value. Click the icon to take one of the following options.
    Option Action
    Use an existing job parameter. Select Insert Parameter and choose an existing parameter.
    Return to match cutoff values from the match specification. Select Use match specification.
  6. From the drop-down list for the Match Type, choose a match type.
  7. In the Match Outputs pane, select one or more outputs that you want to create. Be aware of the following conditions.
    • Each output that you select must have a corresponding output link.
    • No output can be sent to more than one link.
  8. In the Column section of the Output tab, for any one output , select Edit to modify output columns.
  9. Click Save.