One-source Match stage workflow

The One-source Match stage requires a one-source match specification, standardized data, and frequency information to process data according to particular attributes.

A typical workflow for using the One-source Match stage includes the following tasks.
  • Standardize the source data.
  • Prepare a representative sample data set from the source data.
  • Use the Match Frequency stage to generate frequency information.
  • When the DataStage® flow with match related stage is imported, the related match specifications are imported in the assets as well. You can use those match specification files in the One-source Match stage.
  • Optional. If you want to reduce the amount of frequency data, you can run the Frequency Match stage job again. However, for this job run, use the match specification that you created for the one-source match. Using a one-source match specification limits the frequency data to only the columns that participate in the match job.
  • Create a DataStage flow that includes the One-source Match stage, with the source data and the frequency information as input.
  • Configure the One-source Match stage, which includes selecting the one-source match specification that you created.