Match outputs for the One-source Match stage

The One-source Match stage takes up to five output links and links to any parallel database or file stage, and most processing stages.

Select from the following output options. Each option is output to a separate output link. Therefore, the number of output links corresponds to the number of output options that you select.
  • Match. The master records.
  • Clerical. The duplicates that fall in the clerical range.
  • Duplicate. The duplicate records that are greater than the match cutoff.
  • Nonmatched. The records that are not master, duplicate, or clerical records.
  • Match Statistics. Summary statistics about the matching results and statistics about the matching process for each match pass.

Use the Link Ordering section of the Output tab to associate the output options with specific output links. Check the Link Ordering section to ensure that the records for each output option that you select are output to the link to which you intend.

If you want, you can add other stages, such as the Funnel stage, to group some or all the output into a single file or table.

The columns that are available for output consist of all the input columns, plus more columns that are created by the match process.

The nonmatched output includes the following columns.
  • qsMatchDataID. The data record ID.
  • qsMatchType. The match ID for the record. One of:
    • MP. Master record.
      • DA. Duplicate record.
      • CP. Record that requires clerical review.
    • RA. Nonmatched record.
  • qsMatchSetId. The match set identifier.
The match, clerical, and duplicate output includes the previous three columns in addition to the following columns.
  • qsMatchWeight. The weight.
  • qsMatchPattern. The pattern.
  • qsMatchLRFlag. "L" for left, "R" for right.
  • qsMatchExactFlag. "X" if the match is exact.
  • qsMatchPassNumber. The number of the pass where the match was found.
If you select the Match Statistics output option, ensure that you use the default names for the output columns. The statistical output includes the following columns:
  • qsMatchPassNumber. The number of the pass where the match was found.
  • qsMatchStatType. The number used to identify the type of statistic.
  • qsMatchStatValue. The value for a particular statistic.
  • qsMatchWeight. The weight.