Regroup step

Use the Regroup step to create a parent-child list relationship from a single list.

Remove redundancy in a data set by using the Regroup step to transform the items in one list into nested list. Identify items that contain redundant data and move them into a parent list. Identify child items to move in to a child list.
List to regroup
Select the list to regroup.
Select the scope. The scope must always be the parent of the list that is selected as the List to regroup.
Parent and Child Items
Drag items to identify which belong to the parent list and which belong to the child list.
Specify one or more keys to use for the regroup operation. For each unique instance of a key field, a separate entry is made in the list.
Input records of regroup lists are clustered by key – optimize execution
If the input records have already been sorted by the selected key, select this option to improve performance.