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Using the Hierarchical Data stage in DataStage

Using the Hierarchical Data stage

Use the Hierarchical Data stage to parse, compose, and transform XML data.

You can use the Hierarchical Data stage in parallel jobs only. The Hierarchical Data stage can have multiple input and multiple output links. You can use the Hierarchical Data stage as source stage, which has only output links; a middle stage, which has both input and output links; or a target stage, which has only input links.

The Hierarchical Data stage details pane shows the Hierarchical Data stage and any input or output links. The pane displays a set of runtime properties that you can configure, and the Edit assembly button. When you open the stage in the details pane and then click Edit assembly, the Assembly Editor opens. You use the Assembly Editor to create the assembly for the Hierarchical Data stage. When you close the Assembly Editor, the assembly is saved as part of the stage.

To create the columns on an output link, click the Output tab. Then open the Columns section to create the columns on the link.

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