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Validation settings for XML schemas in DataStage

Validation settings for XML schemas in DataStage

Validate XML schemas in XML stages.

Under Properties, set properties for validating the XML data, logging errors, and grammar caching. The XML stage checks for well-formed XML and optionally checks that the data conforms to a referenced XML schema. To use default values for elements and attributes in the output data, you must specify a schema in your XML input data via the schemaLocation attribute within the root element tag.

The XML parser compiles the validating schema to create a schema grammar. While validating the grammar, the parser can apply extra steps called full schema constraint checking, which may increase processing time and be memory-intensive. To enable this checking, select the Strict option under XML validation level. To disable this type of validation, use the Default option.

If your job processes two or more XML documents that use the same schema, you can avoid recompiling the schema by caching the grammar. Select Enable grammar caching to cache the grammar.

Define mappings between the Xalan XSLT processor and DataStage to determine how parsing messages and faulty XML documents are processed. Assign fatal errors, non-fatal-errors, and warnings to one of the error levels in the following table.

DataStage error level Result
Reject Faulty document rows and messages can be written to a Reject link, if one exists.

You can also send the messages to the job log.

Fatal The job terminates, and the messages are written to the job log.
Warning A warning message is written to the job log.
Info An information message is written to the job log.
Trace Debug and monitoring information is written to the job log.
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