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Sample stage in DataStage: fast path

Sample stage: fast path

This section specifies the minimum steps to take to get a Sample stage functioning.

To use a Sample stage:

  • Double click the Sample stage. On the Stage tab, expand properties, choose the sample mode. This is Percent by default, but you can also choose Period.

    If you have chosen Percent, specify the sampling percentage for an output link, and specify the output link number it will be output on. Links are numbered from 0. Repeat these properties to specify the percentage for each of your output links.

    If you have chosen the Period mode, specify the Period. This will sample every Nth row in each partition.

  • If you have chosen Percent mode, in the Stage page in the link ordering section, specify which of your actual output links corresponds to link 0, link 1 and so on.
  • On the Output tab, in the Columns section, click Edit and map the columns by specifying how output columns on each link are derived from the columns of the input data.
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