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Filter stage: fast path (DataStage)

Filter stage: fast path (DataStage)

This section specifies the minimum steps to take to get a Filter stage functioning.

To use a Filter stage:

  • Double-click the Filter stage. On the Stage tab in the stage editor go the Properties section.
    • Supply the specifications that determine which records are accepted and which are filtered out. This is given in the form of a Where clause. You can multiple statements each applying to different links.
    • Specify which Where clause correspond to which output links.
    • Specify whether rows that fail to satisfy any of the Where clauses will be routed to a reject link.
    • Specify whether rows are output only for the first Where clause they satisfy, or for any clauses they satisfy.
  • On the Input tab, in the input field section, verify that the links are in the right order. The output links should be in the order that you want them processed. This is important where you specify that rows are only output for the first Where clause that they satisfy.
  • Ensure that metadata has been defined for input link and output links, and reject link, if applicable.
  • On the Output tab, click Edit in the columns section and specify how the input columns of the data set being filtered map onto the columns of the various output links in the Map froms from input column section.
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