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Column Export stage in DataStage: fast path

Column Export stage: fast path

This section specifies the minimum steps to take to get a Column Export stage functioning.

  1. On the Stage tab, choose the Column method. It is Explicit by default, meaning you specify explicitly choose input columns as sources. The alternative is to specify a schema file.
  2. If you are using the Explicit method, choose the input column(s) to carry your exported input column. Repeat the Column to Export property to specify all the columns you need.
  3. If you are using the Schema File method, specify the schema file that gives the output column details. Under the Output category:
    1. Choose the Export Column Type. This is Binary by default, but you can also choose VarChar or Unicode VarChar. This specifies the format of the column you are exporting to.
    2. Specify the column you are exporting to in the Export Output Column property.
  4. On the Input tab, in the Format section, specify the format of the column you are exporting. This informs IBM® DataStage® about delimiters and enables it to combine multiple columns into a single column with delimiters.
  5. On the Output tab, click Edit in the Columns section. In the Maps from input column section, check that the input columns are mapping onto the output columns as you expect. The mapping is carried out according to what you specified in the Properties section.
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