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Change Apply stage in DataStage: fast path

Change Apply stage: fast path

This section specifies the minimum steps to take to get a Change Apply stage functioning.

DataStage® has many defaults, which means that it can be easy to include Change Apply stages in a job. DataStage provides a versatile user interface, and there are many shortcuts to achieving a particular end. This section describes the basic method.

To use a Change Apply stage:

  • In the Stage page Properties Tab:
    • Specify the key column. You can repeat this property to specify a composite key. Before and change rows are considered to be the same if they have the same value in the key column or columns.
    • Optionally specify one or more Value columns.

      (You can also set the Change Mode property to have IBM® DataStage treat all columns that are not defined as keys that are treated as values, or all columns that are not defined as values that are treated as keys.)

  • In the Stage page Link Ordering Tab, specify which of the two links carries the before data set and which carries the change data set.
  • In the Output Page , specify how the change data columns are mapped onto the output link columns.
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