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Combine Records stage in DataStage: combine keys section

Combine Records stage: Combine keys section

You can use the Column Selection dialog box to select multiple columns at once if required.


Specify one or more columns. All records whose key columns contain identical values are gathered into the same record as subrecords. If the Top Level Keys property is set to False, each column becomes the element of a subrecord.

If the Top Level Keys property is set to True, the key column appears as a top-level column in the output record as opposed to in the subrecord. All non-key columns belonging to input records with that key column appear as elements of a subrecord in that key column's output record. Key has the following dependent property:

  • Case Sensitive

    Use this to property to specify whether each key is case sensitive or not. It is set to True by default; for example, the values "CASE" and "case" would not be judged equivalent.

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