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Introduction to web services

Introduction to web services in DataStage

A web service describes:

  • An application that is published and made available through a network, such as the internet.
  • Recent and well-established protocols and standards that make access to the application possible.

A web service exposes one or more operations, which are functions that you call from another application, such as DataStage®. The operation accepts a request and returns a response. For example, an electronic brokerage might deploy a web service that returns portfolio information when you submit an account and password.

The following diagram illustrates the flow in a transaction between a web service and DataStage. The web service is a self-contained application, which can interface with other applications within a company.
A web service is a self-contained application, which interfaces with other applications

About Web Services technologies

The protocols and standards that are needed to invoke a web service are represented in the following technology stack. The roles of each layer are discussed in the sections that follow.

The web services stack
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