Data type conversions from DataStage to Java data types (Java Integration stage)

In an input link where Java™ types are set from DataStage® columns consumed by the Java Integration stage, Java Integration stage converts IBM® DataStage data types to Java data types.

The following table shows the mapping rules between IBM DataStage data types and Java data types.

Table 1. IBM DataStage data types and their equivalent Java data types
IBM DataStage data types Java data types
BigInt java.math.BigInteger
Binary byte[]
Bit int/java.lang.Integer or boolean/java.lang.Boolean
Note: boolean/java.lang.Boolean is only applicable for Java bean or UDF case
Char java.lang.String
Date java.sql.Date
Decimal java.math.BigDecimal
Double double/java.lang.Double
Float float/java.lang.Float
Integer long/java.lang.Long
LongNVarChar java.lang.String
LongVarBinary byte[]
LongVarChar java.lang.String
NChar java.lang.String
Numeric java.math.BigDecimal
NVarChar java.lang.String
Real java.lang.Float
SmallInt java.lang.Integer
Time java.sql.Time
Timestamp java.sql.Timestamp
TinyInt java.lang.Short
VarBinary byte[]
VarChar java.lang.String