Deploy a model from the model builder

When you create a model by using the IBM Watson Studio model builder, you can deploy the model directly from the model builder after you train it. This is also a good time to do a check on the data and the results.

Model builder deployment steps

  1. On the model page, click Add Deployment.
  2. On the Deploy model page, select the Online deployment type and type a deployment name.
  3. Click Deploy.
  4. When model deployment is complete, from the Actions menu, click View. The Deployment Details window appears. Note the scoring end point for future reference. You can only have one deployment per user.
  5. Now is a good time to test the model prediction.
    1. Go to the Test API tab.
    2. The input data is populated with a sample record from the data set.
    3. To test the model, change the values and click Predict.

Next steps

After you deploy a model, to set up continuous learning and model evaluation, see Continuous learning and model evaluation