Deploy an IBM SPSS Model from Flow Editor

You cannot deploy an SPSS model directly from the Flow Editor. Instead, save the model to your Watson Studio project. You can access your model and create deployment jobs from the Models section of Analytic Assets.

IBM SPSS Modeler deployment steps

  1. To deploy a model, right-click a terminal node (for example, a table node at the very end of a branch), and then click Save branch as a model. A new window opens.

    The terminal node that you choose determines the scoring branch through the stream.

  2. Type a model name click Save. The model is saved to the current project.

  3. To deploy the model, go to the current project and find the model in the Models section of the Analytic Assets.
  4. Click the model, click the Deployments tabs, and then, click Add Deployment.
  5. Choose your deployment options, either Web Deployment, Batch Prediction, or Real-time Streaming Prediction.
  6. Enter a name and description for the deployment and complete any other necessary information and click Save.

After you deploy the model, you can find it in the project area of IBM Watson Studio where you can work with it further.

Next steps

For more information about continuous learning and model evaluation, see Continuous learning and model evaluation