SPSS Modeler flows in multiple projects

By design, modeler flows can only be used in the project where the flow is created or imported. If you need to use a modeler flow in a different project, you must download the flow from the current or source project to your local environment and then import the flow to another or target project.

Because the Modeler Flow editor only uses data assets that are in the same project, in addition to importing the flow, you must import the data asset to the target project. After you import the flow and open it in the target project, you must replace the flow data source with the data asset from the source project.


Step 1: Download the modeler flow from the source project.

  1. From the original or source project, open the modeler flow you plan to use in the target project.
  2. To download the flow as a .str file to your local disk, from the toolbar, click Download.


Step 2: Add the data asset to the target project.

  1. From the new or target project, navigate to the project page.
  2. Click the Asset tab, and then click add data set.
  3. Choose the data asset to use for the transfered modeler flow. Ensure that you add the identical data source used in the downloaded modeler flow, regardless of whether it is a file, such as a .csv file or a data connection.


Step 3: Upload the saved modeler flow to the target project.

  1. From the target project page, click Add to project > Modeler Flow > From file, choose the .str file that you downloaded from the source project.
  2. Click the Create button.


Step 4: Replace the flow data asset from the project.

  1. After the flow opens, delete the data source node.
  2. Drag the Data Asset node to the canvas and connect it to the rest of the flow.
  3. Double-click the Data Asset node, click the Change data asset button, and select the data file from the source project.

You are ready to use this flow in the target project. You can run the model and then deploy it.