DOcplex Python modeling API

DOcplex is a native Python API for modeling and solving optimization problems. It is composed of two modules:
  • Mathematical Programming Modeling for Python using
  • Constraint Programming Modeling for Python using docplex.cp
The API is licensed under the Apache License V2.0 and is numpy/pandas friendly.

How can I use the DOcplex modeling API?

The API is available by default in Watson Studio as part of the Python environment. You can check the version of DOcplex that's available by adding a cell to a notebook and typing:
import docplex

then running the cell. You see the version of DOcplex as output.

To use DOcplex with R, you'll need the R client, available from the Decision Optimization GitHub. To use DOcplex with Scala, you'll need to use the DOcplexcloud Rest API.

How can I learn more about the DOcplex Python modeling API?

You can read the full API documentation on RawGit. You can find more DOcplex examples on the Decision Optimization GitHub.