DOcplex Python modeling API

DOcplex is a native Python API for modeling and solving optimization problems. It is composed of two modules:
  • Mathematical Programming Modeling for Python using
  • Constraint Programming Modeling for Python using docplex.cp
The API is licensed under the Apache License V2.0 and is numpy/pandas friendly.

How can I use the DOcplex modeling API?

The API is available by default in DSX as part of the Python environment. You can check the version of DOcplex that's available by adding a cell to a notebook and typing:
import docplex

then running the cell. You see the version of DOcplex as output.

To use DOcplex with R, you'll need the R client, available from the Decision Optimization GitHub. To use DOcplex with Scala, you'll need to use the DOcplexcloud Rest API.

How can I learn more about the DOcplex Python modeling API?

You can read the full API documentation on RawGit. You can find more DOcplex examples on the [Decision Optimization GitHub.