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Decision Optimization engine settings

Engine settings

You can add engine settings files with Python models in your Decision Optimization experiment. A settings file is where you store user-defined values options for mathematical programming, or constraint programming. It gives you access to the solver (engine) parameters so that you can modify them.

Click + and select Add engine settings file in the Build model view. The Visual editor opens where you can see the default parameter values, which are arranged in different categories, that you can customize for your model. You can also search for specific parameters by entering a name in the Find settings search field. You can also add more than one engine settings file. Engine settings .ops file for Python model shown open in Visual Editor view with one customized parameter

When you add an engine settings file, you must then specify it explicitly in your Python model. If you add several engine settings files with your model, you must specify which file is to be loaded to solve the model. For example, to specify a file called MyEngineSettings.ops, use the following code in your Python model:
from docplex.mp.model_reader import ModelReader
    prm = ModelReader.read_ops_file(filename="MyEngineSettings.ops")
For more information, see DOcplex documentation.

See also the PythonEngineSettings sample located in the Model_Builder folder of the DO-samples. Select the relevant product and version subfolder.

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